20 Delicious Vegan Recipes With Nutritional Yeast (2024)

These 20 vegan recipes with nutritional yeast are delicious and plant-based. I love nutritional yeast because it tastes like nutty cheese. It really improves the flavor of pasta recipes, soups, salads, and even popcorn.

Nutritional yeast can be found at most supermarkets, and it’s relatively inexpensive. It’s a staple in my pantry because I use it for so many meals. Here are some of my favorite vegan recipes that use nutritional yeast.

1. Vegan Broccoli Cheddar Soup

20 Delicious Vegan Recipes With Nutritional Yeast (1)

This vegan recipe from Well Fed Baker uses nutritional yeast to get that amazing cheesy flavor in this delicious soup. If you were a fan of Broccoli Cheddar Soup before you went vegan, you’ll want to give this one a try. Where many cheesy vegan recipes use nuts, this one is nut-free!

2. Savory Vegan Muffins

20 Delicious Vegan Recipes With Nutritional Yeast (2)

These savory vegan muffins from Rainbow Nourishments are the perfect breakfast to grab-and-go when you’re in a hurry. If you have some nutritional yeast on hand, you’ll want to give these a try. They’re also packed with fresh veggies so you can feel really good about eating them! It’s a sneaky way to get in a dose of veggies.

3. Vegan Goldfish Crackers

20 Delicious Vegan Recipes With Nutritional Yeast (3)

If you’re a parent with a little one that loves crackers, you’re in luck. Did you know you could make your own goldfish crackers? These allergy-free crackers from Strength and Sunshine are adorable and use nutritional yeast for their cheesy flavor and yellow color.

4. Black Bean Burgers

20 Delicious Vegan Recipes With Nutritional Yeast (4)

I don’t know any vegan that doesn’t love a good black bean burger. The nutritional yeast is optional in this recipe, but I recommend using it! Try this vegan recipe for black bean burgers from Cuisine With Me.

5. Nut-Free Vegan Nacho Cheese

20 Delicious Vegan Recipes With Nutritional Yeast (5)

Nutritional yeast is very often used to create vegan cheese recipes. This creamy nacho cheese will have you forgetting all about traditional cheese. Try it on nachos, or even mix it up and use it for a vegan pizza or black bean burger topper.

6. Dairy-Free Broccoli Soup

20 Delicious Vegan Recipes With Nutritional Yeast (6)

Another delicious soup on the menu! This recipe is not vegan by default, but it can very easily be made vegan. Swap out the chicken broth for your favorite vegetable based broth. This tasty recipe from Dairy Free For Baby is perfect for a nice cozy night in when the weather is cold.

7. One-Pot Vegan Mac and Cheese

20 Delicious Vegan Recipes With Nutritional Yeast (7)

Mac and cheese was one thing I really missed when I went vegan. I love one-pot meals because they’re so easy to make, and this one is delicious and creamy. This recipe from Strength and Sunshine uses nutritional yeast to create an amazing vegan version of mac and cheese. A classic favorite only made better

8. Vegan Pistachio Cheese Ball

20 Delicious Vegan Recipes With Nutritional Yeast (8)

Pistachios make the best vegan cheese balls. This is a great recipe for a dinner party or potluck.

9. Tofu Egg Scramble

20 Delicious Vegan Recipes With Nutritional Yeast (9)

This vegan egg scramble doesn’t use eggs at all. It uses tofu and nutritional yeast for a vegan twist on a classic favorite. You can dress this scramble up with any veggies or seasonings you want.

10. Homemade Spaghetti-O’s

20 Delicious Vegan Recipes With Nutritional Yeast (10)

This kid-friendly recipe for a classic favorite uses nutritional yeast to bring up the flavor. We all know that the traditional one’s in a can are not the best option. So, opt to make your own at home with this healthy version from Strength and Sunshine.

11. Vegan Pasta Al Limone

20 Delicious Vegan Recipes With Nutritional Yeast (11)

I don’t know about you, but I can never have too much pasta in my life. This creamy recipe uses lemon and nutritional yeast for a delicious weeknight dinner.

12. Vegan Pumpkin Soup

20 Delicious Vegan Recipes With Nutritional Yeast (12)

When fall comes around, there is always an abundance of pumpkins and squash. This vegan pumpkin soup uses nutritional yeast for a satisfying dinner or lunch.

13. Sweet and Spicy Ginger Tofu

20 Delicious Vegan Recipes With Nutritional Yeast (13)

This yummy recipe tastes as good as takeout when you’re craving something different. You can make it extra spicy with the addition of cayenne pepper which compliments the nutritional yeast perfectly.

14. Vegan Breakfast Hash

20 Delicious Vegan Recipes With Nutritional Yeast (14)

This recipe doesn’t use nutritional yeast directly in it. But, I always sprinkle some on top for an extra cheesy flavor. If you love sweet potatoes and breakfast hash, check out this recipe.

15. Air Fryer Croutons

20 Delicious Vegan Recipes With Nutritional Yeast (15)

If you like adding croutons to your salad, you’ll want to try these cheezy nutritional yeast croutons. I love using my air-fryer and this easy recipe is a keeper! Move over packaged croutons! There is a healthier option in town.

16. Homemade Bouillon Powder

20 Delicious Vegan Recipes With Nutritional Yeast (16)

We all know how much flavor bouillon powder can add to a dish. This flavor-packed powder is the perfect addition to many vegan recipes. And, it uses nutritional yeast.

17. Nut-Free Vegan Cheese Sauce

20 Delicious Vegan Recipes With Nutritional Yeast (17)

Another vegan cheese sauce? You can never have too many. This vegan cheese sauce is nut-free and uses nutritional yeast for its cheesy flavor. Use it on tofu scramble, nachos, or black bean burgers.

18. Homemade Italian Salad Dressing

20 Delicious Vegan Recipes With Nutritional Yeast (18)

This vegan salad dressing is exactly what you need to level up your next salad. Nutritional yeast, along with the other spices, add a ton of flavor to any bland salad.

19. Easy Savory Vegan Spinach Muffins

20 Delicious Vegan Recipes With Nutritional Yeast (19)

Nutritional yeast really compliments any meal that is savory. These spinach muffins are a great on-the-go meal option that is filling and satisfying.

20. Easy Vegan Cheese Balls

20 Delicious Vegan Recipes With Nutritional Yeast (20)

Is there anything better than a cheese ball? This recipe is the perfect appetizer for a party or potluck. It’s sure to please all the vegans (and non-vegans) that grab one for a bite!

Honorable mentions

These are some additional vegan recipes using nutritional yeast that I just can’t get enough of:

I hope this list of vegan recipes using nutritional yeast helped spark your interest and creativity in the kitchen! It’s such an amazing and versatile ingredient. If you have any other recipes you love that use nutritional yeast, be sure to share them!

20 Delicious Vegan Recipes With Nutritional Yeast (2024)


What do vegans use nutritional yeast for? ›

A source of complete protein, you can use nutritional yeast to thicken and flavor soups and stews, sprinkle it onto crunchy snacks and so much more. For those following a vegan diet, it's a good source of cheese flavor when making pastas or anything where you'd want cheese.

What tastes good with nutritional yeast? ›

Nutritional yeast is a beloved flavor booster among plant-based eaters. Also known as "nooch," this gold-hued dust has a rich, fermented, "cheesy" flavor, that, when blended with ingredients such as nuts, beans, and cooked starchy vegetables, perfectly mimics a creamy, cheese sauce.

Can you overeat nutritional yeast? ›

It's typically safe to consume nutritional yeast in moderation. Most people can tolerate several tablespoons (10 to 30 grams) daily. You would have to consume pretty significant amounts of nutritional yeast to exceed the tolerable upper intake levels (UL) for the various vitamins and minerals it contains.

What is the best way to eat nutritional yeast? ›

How to use
  1. sprinkling it on popcorn instead of butter or salt.
  2. mixing it into risotto instead of Parmesan cheese.
  3. making a vegan alternative to a cheese sauce, such as the one in this recipe.
  4. as an ingredient in a vegan macaroni and cheese dish, such as this one.
  5. stirring it into creamy soups for added nutrients.

Should I refrigerate nutritional yeast? ›

Store nutritional yeast in a tightly sealed bag or jar in a cool, dark place (or in the refrigerator), and it should keep for about two years.

What is a Level 5 vegan? ›

Level 5 vegans are those who are seen as incredibly committed to the vegan lifestyle, and are often hailed as “extreme vegans”. Level 5 vegans go to an extensive effort to follow a vegan lifestyle that is free of any type of animal product or animal exploitation.

When should you not eat nutritional yeast? ›

People with a sensitivity to yeast products should not consume nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast may also worsen symptoms in people with inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn's disease. Nutritional yeast is an excellent source of fiber. A two tablespoon serving contains about 20% of your daily intake.

Can you put nutritional yeast in eggs? ›

Scrambled Eggs

Nutritional yeast is all you need to add a savoury (and healthy) kick to this go-to breakfast. Just whisk in 1 Tbsp with two eggs, 1/4 tsp salt and 1 Tbsp of milk (dairy or plant-based). Cook slowly in a non-stick pan over medium heat.

What are 5 benefits of nutritional yeast? ›

Here are five potential health benefits of incorporating nutritional yeast into a well-rounded diet.
  • May help boost energy levels. Vitamin B12 helps the body form red blood cells. ...
  • May help lower the risk of birth defects. ...
  • Might boost gut health. ...
  • Might help lower cholesterol. ...
  • Might support healthy immune function.
Oct 17, 2023

Does nutritional yeast make you gassy? ›

Nutritional yeast is a good source of fiber. When fiber is introduced to your body in large amounts while it's not something you're used to, it may cause some gastrointestinal discomfort like bloating, gas, and cramps. There are also individuals (although rare) who are intolerant or sensitive to yeast.

Does heat destroy the benefits of nutritional yeast? ›

With every tablespoon of nutritional yeast, you give a nutritional boost to your diet. And yes, all these nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, as well as aroma and flavor resist heating.

Is nutritional yeast a probiotic? ›

In addition, nutritional yeast has been shown to benefit human health, particularly by helping improve gut health due to its presence of probiotics. It's also an easily accessible food source of protein, which plays a role in filling nutritional gaps to help keep the immune system in tip-top shape.

Does nutritional yeast contain MSG? ›

There's a reason nutritional yeast is so often compared to cheese: It contains naturally occurring MSG. “Monosodium glutamate is just the sodium version of glutamic acid,” said Christine Clark, a cheese writer and educator based in Burlington, Vt.

Why is nutritional yeast so delicious? ›

The savory, umami taste of nutritional yeast comes from glutamaic acid, an amino acid that is formed during the drying process. Glutamic acid is a naturally occurring amino acid found in many fruits and vegetables and is not the same as the commercial additive monosodium glutamate.

What can I use nutritional yeast for? ›

Here are several ways my wife and I use nutritional yeast on a regular basis:
  • In Rice and Pasta Dishes. ...
  • On Bread or Rice Cakes. ...
  • With Garbanzo Beans. ...
  • In Soup. ...
  • On Yellow and Green Beans. ...
  • On Scrambled Tofu. ...
  • On Popcorn. ...
  • With Peas, Corn, and Carrots.

Why do vegan recipes add nutritional yeast? ›

Most often, it's used to add cheesy flavor to plant-based recipes, like my Vegan Mac and Cheese. There, it creates the umami that Parmesan or cheddar cheese would add to regular mac.

What does nutritional yeast do for the body? ›

The fiber in nutritional yeast, beta-glucan, may reduce cholesterol levels. Nutritional yeast is also a low-glycemic food that contains chromium, a mineral that may help regulate your blood sugar. Maintaining good blood sugar and cholesterol levels lowers your risk for diabetes and heart disease.

How much nutritional yeast should a vegan eat? ›

Including just 2 tablespoons a day can help vegans incorporate important nutrients in their diets, so having a canister of this wonder food around is a good way to ensure you'll get that extra nutritional boost.


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