Joshua's Law Course | FAQs (2024)

When I graduate, when do I get my certificate and what do I do?

You will receive a certificate of completion by email 1 to 2 business days after you graduate. Once you receive that email, print out the certificate, and take it to the driver's licensing office along with the other required forms and paperwork when you apply for your license.

Does this course satisfy Joshua's Law training requirements?

Yes, our Georgia 30 Hour Driver Education course is approved in Georgia to satisfy the 30-hour classroom driver education requirement under Joshua's law. This training is required for 16- and 17-year-olds seeking their first license. You are also required to complete 40 hours of supervised driver training (which can be done with a parent or legal guardian).

Who needs to complete Joshua's Law driver training?

The 30-hour Joshua's Law course is required for 16- and 17-year-old teens seeking their first license in Georgia. To earn your license, you will also need to complete 40 hours of behind-the-wheel driving practice with a parent or a commercial driving school. Learn more about the full requirements for your license on the Georgia DDS website.

What is the Parent/Teen Driving Guide?

The Parent/Teen Guide is a handbook that provides suggestions for in-car lessons to help parents prepare their teenagers for the responsibilities of driving. This technical assistance guide provides parents with a systematic approach to teach their teenagers to make safe driving decisions. The suggested lessons in the guide follow a sequential learning pattern that progresses from the parking lot to neighborhoods, to light traffic to rural highways, to expressways and then to city driving. The Parent/Teen Driving Guide can be used in conjunction with the Georgia 30 Hour Driver Education course to meet the requirements of Joshua's Law.

How do I complete the driving portion of the Joshua's law requirement?

You can complete the 40 hours supervised driving with a parent by using the parent/teen driving guide.

Or you can sign up with a licensed driver training school in your area and complete the required training with a licensed instructor.

Can I get an insurance discount for taking this course?

Insurance companies do offer discounts for students under 25 completing driver education and training. However, you will have to check with your insurance company for a complete list of requirements to qualify for a discount.

Can you earn a tax credit for taking a driver education course?

Yes, parents or guardians are eligible for a tax credit in an amount up to a $150.00 if their dependent minor child successfully completes a course through a private driver education school that is licensed with the DDS. A copy of the Certificate of Completion and proof of the fees paid for the course will be required to qualify for the credit. The amount of the credit is equal to $150.00 or the actual amount paid, whichever is less. Courses taken at private or public high schools do not qualify for this credit. Check with the Department of Revenue for more information.

Why is this course called the Joshua's Law Course?

In 2007, it became state law that all 16-year-olds must complete 40 hours of supervised driving and 30 hours of driver education before obtaining a Georgia driver's license. This law is named after Joshua Brown, a high school student who died of fatal injuries after hydroplaning and crashing his car in 2003. Georgia passed House Bill 466 in July 2021, which made Joshua's Law training mandatory for 17-year-olds seeking their first license.

What is the difference between a Provisional Class D License and a Full Class C License?

In the state of Georgia, 16-year-olds who have had their permit for a year and have completed the Joshua's Law requirements are eligible to apply for a Class D Provisional License. This is a driver's license, but it comes with many restrictions as to when you can drive and who can be in the car with you. Once you turn 18, you are eligible for a Class C Full License. Learn more about Georgia Driver's Licenses.

How do I prove I have met the 40 hours of supervised driving requirement?

Your parent or legal guardian who also possesses a Georgia license or ID Card will need to sign an affidavit that you, the student, have completed 40 hours of on-the-road driver's training privately, or 20 hours of on-the-road training as part of an approved driver's education class.

Will my parent need to come with me to get my license?

Yes, a parent or legal guardian with a valid Georgia license or ID card will need to accompany you and sign for you before you can receive a license.

What if I do not complete the Joshua's Law course?

You will not be eligible to apply for a Class D Provisional License until you complete the course.

Does this course meet the Georgia Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program (ADAP) requirement?

Most Georgia teens complete an ADAP course their freshman year of high school as part of a physical education or health class. If you did not live in Georgia during your freshman year or were absent when this course was taught, you may be able to take the online eADAP course. Visit for more information.

Joshua's Law Course | FAQs (2024)


How many questions are on the Joshua's Law final exam? ›

The final exam consists of 30 questions and students need to score 70% in order to pass the exam. A certificate of completion will be mailed to the students within 48 hours after successful completion of this course.

Is Joshua's law required in Georgia? ›

“Joshua's Law” requires all 16 year-olds applying for a Class D driver's license to complete an approved driver education course AND complete a total of 40 hours of supervised driving, 6 hours of which must be at night, with a parent or guardian's sworn verification that these driving requirements have been met.

What is Joshua's Law -- how many hours of classroom instruction how many hours on the road driving? ›

The 30-hour Joshua's Law course is required for 16- and 17-year-old teens seeking their first license in Georgia. To earn your license, you will also need to complete 40 hours of behind-the-wheel driving practice with a parent or a commercial driving school.

What are pre-driving procedures in Joshua's law? ›

Joshua's Law requires that all 16-year-olds must complete a 30-hour Driver's Ed course, plus a minimum of 40 hours of supervised driving experience with at least six hours of night driving. After your 16-year-old meets the above Joshua's Law requirements, he or she is ready to take the driving test.

How many times can you take the written test in Missouri? ›

A: You may take any written test up to two times per day if necessary until you pass. Q: How many times may I take the skills test in one day? A: Skills tests are limited to one test per day with of maximum of 3 tests in the last 12 months without special permission from the DOR.

Is passing a bicyclist legal in Georgia? ›

Cars Overtaking Bicyclists

Motor vehicle drivers are required to pass bicyclists at a safe distance of not less than three (3) feet clearance between the bicycle and motor vehicle.

Do 18 year olds have a curfew in Georgia? ›

It shall be unlawful for any person under the age of fourteen (14) years to be away from his home unescorted by a parent or guardian between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., or for any person between the age of fourteen (14) years and the age of eighteen (18) years to be away from his home unescorted by a parent ...

Can a 16 year old drive alone in Georgia? ›

When you are 16, you may apply for a driver's license. This license allows you to drive a car without the presence of another license driver in the car with you.

Can I get my license at 18 without a permit in GA? ›

A provisional driver's license is required for teen drivers. It is the second step in the graduated license program for young drivers ages 15 to 18. There will be restrictions on your license until you turn 18. Provisional licenses are not required for adults over the age of 18 who are applying for a driver's license.

What are the seven steps in the turning process? ›

The tested case includes seven turning steps: 1) straight turning; 2) contour turning; 3) straight turning; 4) facing; 5) taper turning; 6) straight turning; 7) facing.

What is the story behind Joshua's Law? ›

Joshua Brown was a real teen who became the tragic inspiration for this safety-focused driving law. His vehicle hydroplaned and crashed, resulting in fatal injuries. At that time, he was a senior at Cartersville High School and preparing to attend a music school in Boston after graduation.

How many hours of lessons does it take to pass? ›

The average amount of driving lessons should be 40-45 hours before taking your driving test. Some people decide that 20-30 hours or maybe even less is enough – but remember that the more lessons you take, the better you will become at driving. You'll pass your test faster if you take multiple driving lessons each week.

What are the 7 procedures before driving? ›

How To Drive a Car | 7 Things to Do Before You Start the Car
  • Walk Around the Car. a) When learning how to drive a car get in the habit of walking around the car before you get in. ...
  • Adjust your Seat. ...
  • Adjust Your Mirrors. ...
  • Adjust Your Headrest. ...
  • Adjust the steering wheel. ...
  • Do your “Seatbelt Check!”
  • Lock the doors.
Aug 9, 2010

In which situation are U turns never allowed? ›

Some of these circ*mstances include the driver's ability to see approaching cars and the speed of oncoming traffic. Other states specifically prohibit drivers from making a U-turn on or near the crest of a hill. You'll likely also face restrictions near a curve that limits visibility to a few hundred feet.

Which lane position should you be in most of the time? ›

Lane Positions

Lane Position 1 is in the center of the lane. This position allows for the best separation and distance from obstacles (such as cars, curbs, etc.) to the right and to the left. Use Lane Position 1 for normal driving conditions if you have no plan to change driving maneuvers.

How many questions is the California written? ›

Unlike most other states, the number of questions on your California DMV written test will depend on your age. Those under 18 will receive a test with 46 questions and must answer 38 of them correctly to pass. If you are over 18, your test will only have 36 questions, and you must answer 30 of them correctly.

What are the laws for 16 year old drivers in Georgia? ›

If you are 16 or 17 years of age, you may not drive between midnight and 6 a.m. NO EXCEPTIONS. During the first six months after receiving your license, you may not have any passengers that are not members of your immediate family.

What is the last item on the vehicle starting checklist? ›

The last item on a vehicle starting checklist often involves ensuring that all dashboard warning lights illuminate and then turn off as part of the initial system check. This confirms that the vehicle's onboard computer system is functioning correctly and that there are no immediate issues detected.


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