Last Epoch Gambler: Everything You Should Know (2024)

In Last Epoch, you will have the chance to meet gamblers during your adventure who will allow you to obtain items in exchange for gold or souls. If you're looking for something different than facing enemies and completing missions, this is a feature that's definitely for you. In this article, therefore, we will explain everything you need to know about Last Epoch gamblers.


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Last Epoch Gamblers Explained

The first thing to know is that in Last Epoch, there are two different gamblers that you can ask for their services: the Gold gambler and the Soul gambler. Obviously, each of them will have different items that you can obtain, so it is advisable to visit both.

Gold Gambler

Artem the Gambler, also known as the Gold Gambler, hangs out in different town spots like the Council Chambers and The End of Time. Players can spend gold to gamble on weapons, armor, and accessories with him. After buying something, it gets random extra features after a short wait.

Using gold to gamble can help players at any stage of the game. But there are some things to keep in mind. For example, you won't get any special Set or Unique items from gambling with gold. The items won't keep getting stronger as your character level goes up past 40. Lastly, the gambler's supply is limited. You have to pay 500 gold each time you want more options. While experienced players might not mind this cost, new players might find it tough to spend so much gold.

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Soul Gambler

The Soul Gambler hangs out in the Soulfire Bastion dungeon and gives out better stuff when you gamble with him. To meet this gambler, you need a Soulfire Bastion Key. You can score special items like Unique and Set items from this gambler, which you can't get from others. Plus, the Soul Gambler can also give you Tier V sealed affixes, which are super rare. The Soul Gambler wants souls you have collected from doing the Soulfire Bastion dungeon.

The Soul Gambler doesn't have an endless supply of items, but you can't refresh it yourself. It gets restocked every time you finish the dungeon. Once you beat the dungeon boss, the Soul Gambler will be ready for you again. Also, depending on what you did during the dungeon run, the Gambler might make some items extra special with cool powers or bonuses. These are called Dungeon Modifiers.

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Dungeon Modifiers

High-level dungeons have different daily changes called modifiers. These can make the dungeon harder or easier and affect the rewards you get, including what the Soul Gambler has in stock. It's smart to keep some keys so you can focus on farming when there are specific modifiers you want.

As you go through the dungeon, you'll reach different levels, each with a door. Opening these doors adds more random modifiers, which can increase the Soul Gambler's inventory size or improve the quality of items you can get. The higher the dungeon level, the better the modifiers, but these dungeons are tougher. Players need to think about the risks and rewards when picking which dungeon to explore.

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There are some unique items only found with the Soul Gambler, like Burning Avarice, Ashes of Orchirian, and Soul Gambler's Fallacy. You can run the dungeon many times if you have keys. These keys can drop from different enemies and bosses in the game.

Gambling Tips

When your items are 5–10 levels lower than your character, it's a good time to try gambling for new items. If you're not finding better items from enemies, you can check out Artem's shop. The items there will be random, but it gives you a starting point for crafting. Because of the reasons we have told you before, it's not a good idea to gamble once you're past level 40. Instead, players in the late game should focus on finding gear through loot filters and crafting. Artem is mainly useful for players starting out who really need better gear.

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Last Epoch Gambler: Everything You Should Know (2024)


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