Last Epoch: Gambling Guide (2024)

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Last Epoch gives players multiple ways to enhance their gear. Slaying monsters will drop new items, as you'd expect from any ARPG. But if you're unable to get a specific item base to drop and you need an upgrade, you can try your hand at Artem's gambling shop.


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Gambling for items is a classic part of old-school ARPGs, and it remains a feature in Last Epoch. Earning items through gambling isn't a surefire way to get better items, nor will it give you Uniques, but it can help early-game players find upgrades for their build. Let's go over how gambling works in Last Epoch, how to gamble for items, and when gambling for items is worth considering.

Finding The Gambler

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Artem the Gambler makes his first appearance in The Council Chambers, the first hub town you visit in the Desolate Era. He's also located in most hub areas later in the campaign, notably in The End of Time. You don't need to complete any quests to purchase Artem's mysterious wares. So long as you have enough Gold, you'll be able to test your luck and potentially earn some powerful items.

Gambling For Items

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Speaking with Artem will open a Gambling tab that will show all of Artem's wares. His inventory is divided into three categories: weapons, armor, and accessories. Each item on offer will have its modifiers shrouded until you purchase it, hence why it's called gambling. Since the affixes you receive will be random, it's ideal to look at the item base itself. Gambled items have low Forging Potential, so you won't have many options for upgrading them.

When you purchase an item from Artem, he will reveal the item's rarity, then he will give you the identified item. Items you gamble for can roll as Normal, Magic, or Rare. You cannot get Unique or Set items from Artem. With that said, Artem can sell item bases from other classes. These are clearly marked with an "X" icon on the bottom-right of their 2D art. Once you purchase an item from Artem, it will leave his inventory.

Refreshing Artem's Shop

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If Artem doesn't have a certain item type you're looking for, you can click the "Refresh" button near the top of the shop UI to refresh Artem's options. Doing so costs a small amount of Gold.


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When Should You Gamble For Items?

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Generally, it's best to gamble for items when your items are 5-10 levels under your character, as this is usually when a new base type is available. If you can't get better items to drop from enemies, you can give Artem a visit and see if he has a base type you're looking for. The affixes and rarity of the item will be completely random, but you'll have a decent baseline to craft from.

It is worth noting that Artem's shop has multiple limitations that severely limit its usefulness in endgame content:

  • Artem cannot sell base items above level 40.
  • It is impossible to get Uniques and Set items from Artem.
  • Gambling has a fairly high Gold fee.

All of these factors actively discourage gambling once you exceed level 40. Players near the end of the campaign or in Last Epoch's endgame should rely on their loot filter and crafting skills to upgrade their gear, not the gambler. Artem is currently only useful for early-game players who desperately need a gear upgrade.

Soulfire Bastion Gambling

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Once you reach Last Epoch's endgame, you have a small chance of acquiring a Soulfire Bastion key from Monoliths. The key will let you clear this dungeon one time. Successfully clearing the dungeon will grant access to the Soul Gambler vendor. Any currency earned in Soulfire Bastion may be gambled to earn exclusive Unique items, T5 sealed affixes, and high-level item bases.

Bear in mind that you cannot refresh the Soul Gambler's inventory with currency. Once their inventory runs dry, you'll need to run the Soulfire Bastion dungeon once more to refresh their wares. If you want to gamble for powerful items, the Soul Gambler is your only option.


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Last Epoch: Gambling Guide (2024)


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