Runescape 3 Cooking Guide (2024)

Why Should You Train Cooking?

Cooking is one of the easiest skills to train in Runescape 3. Due to this fact it can be a good skill to max first if you are going for all 99s or if you are looking to increase your total level. Also it allows you to cook various sources of food in the game, this is especially necessary for Ironman as they can't use the grand exchange to buy the cooked variants.

There are also many quests that require a certain cooking level to complete. Those quests are as follows:

  • Ghost Ahoy - Cooking Level 20
  • Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf - Cooking Level 22
  • Big Chompy Bird Hunting - Cooking Level 30
  • Tai Bwo Wannai Trio - Cooking Level 30
  • Beneath Cursed Sands - Cooking Level 30
  • Evil Dave's Big Day Out - Cooking level 30
  • Chef's Assistant - Cooking Level 32
  • Missing My Mummy - Cooking Level 35
  • Heroes' Quest - Cooking Level 53
  • Swan Song - Cooking Level 62
  • Recipe for Disaster - Cooking Level 70
  • Head of the Family (miniquest) - Cooking Level 91

So if you are looking to complete all the quests in the game and get a quest cape, you will need to have at least level 91 cooking.

Also there are a lot of aerial tasks that require cooking. Completing these tasks provide many benefits to one's account so if you are looking to complete all of them, you will need to have level 95 Cooking.

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RS3 Cooking Guide

Before we get into the actual ways of training this skill, there are a lot of buffs and items that you need to know about. If you already know about them or if you do not care, please skip to the title called "1-99 and Beyond Cooking Training".

Cooking Gauntlets

One of the most useful and oldest items in the game that aids players' cooking grind is the cooking gauntlets. These gauntlets are obtainable as a reward from completing the "Family Crest" quest. When equipped it increases one's chances of cooking the food successfully.

Cooking Brawling Gloves

These are also known as old bounty hunter gloves. This is the single best item that provides the best experience rates in the game. Nowadays you can earn them through killing revenants or the chaos elemental(They are extremely rare). When worn it provides an additional 50% cooking experience but if you use them above level 47 Wilderness they provide an additional 300% cooking experience. Best places to make use of these gloves are either with the barbecue in a Clan Citadel or near a lever to the Mage Arena bank.

Torstol Incense Stick

Consuming each one of these sticks will provide an additional increase to your base cooking experience. It is recommended to overload with these to get the maximum experience increase instantly, which is 2%.

Sous Chef's Outfit

This item set can be obtained from the Gnome restaurant minigame. The Sous chef toque can be modified with an attachment to give 5% chance of cooking duplicate food and banking it. Other than this each piece of the outfit provides an experience boost to Cooking.

  • Sous Chef's Toque (Modified) - 1% Experience boost
  • Sous Chef's Jacket - 1% Experience Boost
  • Sous Chef's Mitts - 1% Experience Boost
  • Sous Chef's Trousers - 1% Experience Boost
  • Sous Chef's Shoes - 1% Experience Boost
  • Set Bonus - 1% Experience Boost
Cooking Urns

Cooking urns are craftable items that can provide bonus experience while training cooking. In Fact they are so good that they can increase your experience rate up to 20% per hour. These items are stackable and if you start cooking while having cooking urns in your inventory, they will start filling up. Once full you can release them to get some experience. Only 10 cooking urns can be full at a time so make sure to release them once they are full.

Here are all the cooking urns, their crafting requirements and also the experience they give once they are filled. You can also increase this experience by using an enhancer. Enhanced experience rates will be shown within parentheses.

  • Cracked Cooking Urn - Crafting level 2 - 400 (500) Cooking Experience
  • Fragile Cooking Urn - Crafting Level 12 - 550 (687) Cooking Experience
  • Plain Cooking Urn - Crafting Level 36 - 950 (1,187) Cooking Experience
  • Strong Cooking Urn - Crafting Level 51 - 1,050 (1,312) Cooking Experience
  • Decorated Cooking Urn - Crafting Level 81 - 1,547 (1,934) Cooking Experience
Portable Ranges

Portable ranges are great items to aid your Cooking grind. They provide a 21% bonus to base cooking experiences, have the same burn rates as a standard range and have a 5% chance to produce an additional food item which automatically gets sent to your bank. Another great benefit to this is the fact that you can place it next to a bank which reduces bank time and you can use multiple of these ranges at the same time to extend its up time. Each range used increases the time limit by 5 minutes. You can obtain these ranges from Treasure Hunter or from the Grand Exchange.

Skilling Equipment

The following items are all earned from the quest "Sliske's Endgame"; Ring of Whispers, Necklace of Shadows, Combined catalyst fragment. Using these items while training cooking will spawn a manifested knowledge from time to time. Clicking on these manifested knowledges will grant additional Cooking experience.

Wise Perk

This is a perk that can be attached to any of your equipable items. It provides an additional 1% experience boost to your cooking per rank, up to 50,000 experience per day. It is advised to place it on a tool or a main-hand weapon.

Cooking Potions

You can start brewing extreme cooking potions at level 104 herblore. It is recommended to use these potions if you have the level to do so since it greatly decreases your burn rates. At level 82 cooking this potion provides its maximum level boost of +17.

Clan Avatar

If you are in a clan you can activate your weekly buff to receive a 3% boost to your Cooking experience. If you have the fealty bonus this goes up to 6% Cooking experience boost.

Cooking Cape

If you have 99 Cooking you can start wearing this cape to never burn food again. Alternatively you can place this cape on the skillcape stand in the tier 3 player lodge in the Anachronia base camp to always have this perk active. This is extremely useful for cooking high level food as even with all the other items, they can easily get burnt.

Dwarven Army Axe

This is an item received after completing Troll Warzone. When equipped it provides an additional 3 Cooking experience whilst cooking food.

Relic Power

With the introduction of Archaeology, you can activate relic powers to enhance your Cooking. There are two relics that can help you:

  • Inspire Genius: This requires level 118 Archaeology and it increases your Cooking experience by 2%.
  • Bait and Switch: When this is active all the fish you catch will be automatically cooked, allowing you to train your cooking while fishing but it only provides 50% of the original experience.

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1-99 and Beyond Cooking Training

The experience rate provided will be split into two; First one will be the base one and the second will be the one that assumes that the player is using a portable range.

Levels 1-15 Raw Shrimps/Anchovies: To start your cooking journey buy some raw shrimps or anchovies and start cooking them. You only need to have around 50 of one to get to level 15.

Levels 15-28 River Fishes: The best experience you can gain at this level is from cooking the following fish: Trout, Cod, Pike and Salmon. Cook any one of them to get to level 28. You need around 100 of any one of them to get to that level.

EXP/H: 25K-50K - Portable Range: 30K-60K

Levels 28-52 Sweetcorn: A rare instance where you will not be cooking a type of fish. Sweet Corns are a super fast method compared to the previous method Buy and cook around 1000 sweetcorns to reach level 52. This will cost you around 2.5M.

EXP/H: 150K - Portable Range: 181K

Levels 52-80 Desert Sole: These took over lobsters as they are cheaper and provide more experience. Cooking this is also a viable method to get 99 Cooking as this item is extremely cheap compared to the rest of the items in this list.

EXP/H: 200K - Portable Range: 241K

Levels 80-90 Beltfish: These have a really high burn rate, so it is recommended to switch to sharks after level 85 if you are using a range and cooking gauntlets.

EXP/H: 231K - Portable Range: 280K

Levels 90-93 Sharks: After level 90 you only have a 2.4% chance of burning a shark which drops down to 1% at level 93 cooking with cooking gauntlets. You will stop burning them all together at level 94 Cooking with the gauntlets.

EXP/H: 294K - Portable Range: 355K

Levels 93-95 Rocktails: At this point you have to start using the cooking gauntlets if you haven't already done so as rocktails will stop burning at level 94 cooking with them. If you don't use them however you will always have a chance to burn rocktails.

EXP/H: 315K - Portable Range: 381K

Levels 95-99 Blue Blubber Jellyfish: If you are using a range with cooking gauntlets this fish will become almost burn proof. However compared to the other methods on this list this is by far the costliest as it will cost you around 20M to get to level 99.

EXP/H: 329K - Portable Range: 398K

Levels 99+ Sailfish: As everyone in Gielinor eats fish we are going to end on the best fish to cook after level 99. Make sure to have your cooking cape or cooking gauntlets equipped to never burn any. Getting to 120 from 99 would cost you around 900M.

EXP/H: 378K - Portable Range: 457K
EXP/H: 378K - Portable Range: 457K
Runescape 3 Cooking Guide (2024)


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