Sliske's Endgame - RuneScape Guide (2024)


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Quest Requirements:

Death of Chivalry, The
One of a Kind
Nomad's Elegy
Kindred Spirits
Hero's Welcome
Children of Mah

Items Needed to Complete Quest:

Good combat equipment (food, armor, and potions) and the Communication device, Skull of Rememberance, or one of the Black Knight Fortress disguises below:

  • Dulcin armour cosmetic override
  • Guard uniform
    • Bronze med helm
    • Iron chainbody
  • Black armour
    • Black full helm
    • Black platebody
    • Black platelegs
  • Dagon'hai robes
    • Dagon'hai hat
    • Dagon'hai robe top
    • Dagon'hai robe bottom
  • Elite black armour
    • Elite black full helm
    • Elite black platebody
    • Elite black platelegs
  • Black Knight captain's armour
    • Black Knight captain's helm
    • Black Knight captain's cuirass
    • Black Knight captain's gown
    • Black Knight captain's gauntlets
    • Black Knight captain's boots

Items Recommended for Quest:

The Heart teleport or Desert amulet (2, 3, or 4) and a Beast of burden.

Items Acquired During Quest:

Armadyl's Feather, Broken mask, Mask,Mask of Glee, Mask of Indifference, andMask of Sorrow.

Quest Points:



2 Treasure Hunter keys, five 250k xp lamps, Ring of Whispers, Necklace of Shadows, a Sliske bobblehead pet, as well as 3 off-hand items: Farmer's Catalyst fragment ,Hunter's Catalyst fragment, and Runecrafter's Catalyst fragment which can be made into a Combined Catalyst fragment.

Replaying the quest once can earn you the Agent of the Eldest cosmetic outfit as well as a Medium prismatic lamp. See the Post-quest section at the bottom of the guide to see what is required to earn it.

Start Point:

Speak to Relomia in Draynor Village.

To Start:

After receiving Relomia's message, talk with her in Draynor Village.


Keep in mind as you are completing the quest, several decisions you make will alter the outcome. These decisions include:

  • Your support for one of the factions (Armadyl, Saradomin, Seren, Zamorak, or yourself)
  • Declaration of your opposition to one of the factions (Armadyl, Saradomin, or Zamorak)
  • Telling Armadyl about what Zaros did
  • Advising Seren to trust or distrust Zaros
  1. At some point after completing the required quests you will receive a message from Relomia. Once you have acquired this, travel to Draynor Village and talk to her.

    Sliske's Endgame - RuneScape Guide (1)

  2. She will inform you that the time of the eclipse and the culmination of Sliske's game is upon us! But before things get underway, Sliske wants you to deliver the invitations to the other gods and to make a decision as to whom you support.
    • Icthlarin can be found inside Death's office, just North of the Draynor Village lodestone
    • Armadyl is perched atop his tower from World Event 2; located slightly South East of the Clan camp, South of Falador
    • Saradomin can be found on the 3rd floor in Falador's White Knight Castle near the altar.
    • Zamorak can be found in 2 different locations. The first is on the 2nd floor of the Black Knights Fortress to the Southern end of the building, near the altar (you will need a disguise or use of the Skull of Remembrance in order to enter the fortress). He can also be found in his hideout by using the Communication device. You will need to left click Activate, then choose "Teleport to Zamorak's hideout". Once there, walk slightly North and speak with him.
    • Seren, along with her brother Zaros, can be found on the second floor of the Tower of Voices in Prifddinas.
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  3. Once you have seen all of the other gods, return to Draynor and talk to Relomia. She will instruct you to meet her outside the Heart of Gielinor (God Wars 2 dungeon). The three fastest ways there include: using The Heart teleport, using a Desert amulet (2, 3, or 4), and using fairy code D-L-Q then walking South East. You can choose to gear up at this moment (not suggested to bring beast of burden due to the time labyrinth will take) or you can choose to wait until the combat begins and exit before you start attacking to gear up.

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  4. When you have arrived to the Heart of Gielinor walk to the West side of the dungeon entrance (do NOT go inside) and speak with Relomia. Talking with her you will be asked if you would like to continue the quest.

    Sliske's Endgame - RuneScape Guide (4)

  5. Selecting "Yes" will open a cut scene where everyone will arrive for the game. First Armadyl, followed by Saradomin, Varago, Icthlarin, Zamorak, Seren, Zaros, Sliske, Death, Brassica Prime, Marimbo, and finally the Dragonkin. At this point you will be given the option to vouch for Kerapac or not to. Regardless of your choice, both Brassica Prime and Marimbo will choose to leave and Sliske will explain how the game will continue.

    Sliske's Endgame - RuneScape Guide (5)

  6. He will then insist you must choose whom you align yourself with for the game. Should you choose "no one" he will tell you that your choice is boring and insist you must pick someone: Armadyl, Death, Icthlarin, Saradomin, Seren, Sliske, the Dragonkin, The Godless, yourself, Zamorak, or Zaros. Once you have made your decision, Sliske will summon Nomad and force you to fight him. The fight is rather straightforward. Nomad sticks with Melee or Magic style and does not use any special attacks. After defeating him, Sliske will explain a few more particularities with the game before plunging you all into his labyrinth.

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  7. Upon entering the Labyrinth, you will see a short guide on how the maze works. To sum it up: there are 2 Labyrinth maps you will need to complete, only the quarter of the map you are in will be visible at any given time, the exit of the Labyrinth is always in the farthest North Eastern corner, some rooms may need to be rotated (this can be achieved by completing a puzzle room), and remember this is a race!

    Sliske's Endgame - RuneScape Guide (7)

    There will be several choices made while in the Labyrinth, these do not affect the maze itself, however they may affect later outcomes and future quests. These choices include:

    • Your decision to take Icthlarin with you or not.
    • Recommending Zaros negotiate with Sliske or try to kill him.
    • If you tell Death that Icthlarin is fine or not.
    • Your choice in learning the fate of one of the gods (Armadyl, Icthlarin, Saradomin, Seren, Zamorak, or Zaros) from Death.
    • Your choice to help Saradomin or Zamorak in a fight between their knights.
    • Choose a side in the argument between Zamorak and Seren.
    • Your response to Seren when asked what you think is responsible for taking away the powers of the gods within the Labyrinth (Anima Mundi, Guthix, the Stone of Jas, the Sword of Edicts, or the World Guardian).
    • Asking Armadyl or Seren to listen to the other one.
    • Encouraging Seren and Saradomin to speak in private or not.
    • Talking to Vorago.
    • Talking to the moulting Armadyl and potentially accepting one of his feathers.
    • Attempting to talk to Zamorak despite Sliske's torment
    • Armadyl's potential attempt at an alliance with Vorago.
    • Your decision to comfort or taunt Armadyl after his encounter with a dragonkin.
    • Choosing to have Armadyl and Saradomin cage or free a dragonkin.
    • Talking to Saradomin about being mortal.
    • How you react to Zaros and Zamorak forces arguing.
    • How you react to Armadyl and Zamorak arguing.
    • What you recommend Azzandra and Char should do about Sliske.
  8. Following the maps below, you will travel from the green dot to the yellow and then from the yellow dot to the red one following the main sky blue line. The pink lines lead to puzzles and cutscenes that are required to finish the quest and the purple lines lead to additional cutscenes that are optional.

    Click the above image to enlarge the first map!

    Click the above image to enlarge the second map!

    Within the labyrinth, there are several types of puzzles that you can come across.

    • Spotlight - For this puzzle you will be in an empty room with a spotlight moving across the floor. The goal of this puzzle is to stay within the light until the bar above your head fills.
    • Sliske icon - In this room you will find four pillars casting a shadow in the center of the room. If one of the pillars are missing a Mask you will need to kill the nearby Wight in order to retrieve it. Once the pillar has been repaired, if necessary, you can use the viewing panel to stand at it and rotate the pillars to create the correct shadow. Right clicking the panel also provides the option to view the solution you are aiming for. Adjusting one pillar may also alter another so make sure you are paying attention to what moves. Continue rotating the pillars until you match the desired Sliske icon.
    • Light wisp - Within this room you will find a light wisp. You must harvest the energy from the wisp and then use it to empower the lamp.
    • Cryptics - Here you will find a pillar in each corner that creates a shadow on a drape. You will need to place the correct mask on each pillar based upon the riddle that the Solution panel provides. In some rooms you will be missing a mask or two, these can be obtained by killing the Wight(s) within the room.
      RiddleNorth WestNorth EastSouth EastSouth West
      I am not a morning person; nor am I a mourning person. BlankSadSadBlank
      I'm bored of helping you, you can figure this one out on your own. NeutralHappySadBroken
      Misery loves company. SadSadSadSad
      Never let anyone see how you truly feel, they will use it against you. Neutral Neutral Neutral Neutral
      When the sun rises, we are happy. When the sun sets, we are sad. Sad HappyHappySad
      You and I are beautifully broken. The others resent our superiority BrokenBrokenSadSad
  9. Now that you have completed the maze you will see 2 staircases leading up. Climb either one to the top and you will find one of the gods waiting. Sliske will now have the two of you race to the Stone of Jas, first one to arrive gets the stone. But it hardly seems fair for the lowly World Guardian to compete against a god, so Sliske gives you a bit of an advantage by delaying your opponent for a few moments. You will need to jump a few gaps before reaching the end; and will have the opportunity to pull a switch to delay your opponent twice along the way. Note that your opponent must not have passed the strings along their path in order to be delayed.

    Sliske's Endgame - RuneScape Guide (10)

  10. Once the stone has been reached by you or your opponent, the winner will make a speech of sorts about it and exchange some banter with Sliske. After a short while, both Zaros and Seren will appear, much to Sliske's dismay. The particulars of how the next few scenes develop depend upon your choices during the quest and in quests leading up to this one. Regardless of how the events transpire, Kerapac will appear and smash the Stone of Jas.

    Sliske's Endgame - RuneScape Guide (11)

  11. Following a short conversation between yourself and Sliske, the battle will begin. Now is the time that you will want to gear up and summon your beast of burden if you chose not to earlier. None of your opponents are weak to a particular combat style so your highest combat skill is recommended; it is highly recommended to use weapons with area of attack abilities for the first wave, the rest are completely up to you. There is a total of 3 fight waves, each with a few phases to work through. Dying at any point from here, you will find yourself in Death's office able to buy back your items and your grave marker near Relomia outside the Heart of Gielinor. After you have completed a wave, you will have reached a check point and can return to that particular fight. Note that your progress in that fight will not be saved, however, you will not need to redo any waves you have already finished when you return. To exit there is a portal in the South end of the arena that you must right click and choose "exit portal" to leave.

    Sliske's Endgame - RuneScape Guide (12)

  12. WAVE 1 - As the first wave begins, you will be attacked by Wight footsoldiers and Wight rangers that spawn from 3 portals at the North end of the arena. At the top of your screen you will notice a bar that fills as you kill these wights. As the bar fills Sliske will later add Imbued wight footsoldiers (slightly larger and stronger than normal) and then Unstable wight footsoldiers (even stronger and larger, plus they explode upon death, damaging anything within range). Be sure to use caution when performing area of attack abilities on/around Unstable wights because of their explosions. The wave will be complete, and check point reached, when you have killed enough wights to fill the bar at the top.

    Sliske's Endgame - RuneScape Guide (13)

  13. WAVE 2 - Sliske will now summon the Barrows Brothers and try to get them to attack you. However, due to Kindred Spirits, the brothers will be able to disobey Sliske and will instead assist you by fighting wights during this phase. If necessary, take a moment to leave via the exit portal to restock and/or change weapons. You will now be required to defeat Nomad, Gregorovic, and Linza to progress to the next wave. They can be killed in any order of your choosing, however once you defeat one of them, those remaining will regenerate full health and be able to use a new ability. Due to how these abilities function, it is recommended to kill Nomad first, Gregorovic second, and Linza third. Once you have defeated them all, another checkpoint will be reached and you will continue to the last wave.
    • Nomad - Has 100k health and begins with auto-attacks and mines. When he is one of two remaining, he gains a powerful magic blast. If he is left until last, he will gain the ability to create clones.
      Sliske's Endgame - RuneScape Guide (14)
    • Gregorovic - Has 200k health and begins with the ability to summon a healing spirit (Spirit of renew) that will heal him 10k health if they touch; you can interrupt this by killing the spirit before it reaches him. When he is one of two remaining, he gains a knife throw attack and shadows. If he is left until last, he will gain the ability to create shadow clones.
      Sliske's Endgame - RuneScape Guide (15)
    • Linza - Has 150k health and begins with the abilities to stun and reflect damage. When she is one of two remaining, she gains a healing defensive stance which regenerates 1,500 health every few ticks; this can be interrupted if you cause enough damage to her. If she is left until last, she will gain an area of attack ability; because she can, and often will, stun just before it goes off, be sure you have freedom ready to use.
      Sliske's Endgame - RuneScape Guide (16)
  14. Wave 3 - The first phase of the final wave against Sliske will now begin. If necessary, take a moment to leave via the exit portal to restock and/or change weapons. Throughout the fight, he will use Magic to fight so while he is not weak to any attack style, range may be a wise choice for you to use as it will help protect you from his attacks. He will also use a special attack where he will summon shadow hands that reach up from the ground and cause 25% of you max health every few ticks. Avoid these simply by stepping out of the way. Sliske can predict where you are going, so use of surge, escape, or random clicking is suggested. He will summon 5 before resuming his normal attacks.
    1. Sliske will begin with 100k health. Attack him until he reaches about 10k health, at which point he will disappear and you will be able to interact with the arena. Take advantage of this slight reprieve and attack the power source (1,000 health and weak to crush).
    2. Once the power source has been destroyed, Sliske will reappear with 100k health again and resume fighting you with the same tactics as before. Attack him down to about 10k health and he will disappear again. You will likely see purple lightning in the arena now; run from this and enter either of the portals at the North end of the arena.
    3. Sliske will pull you back to the realm you just left, reappear with 100k health again, and resume your battle. When you get him down to 10k health again, he will teleport out once more. Jump onto the boulder at the North end of the arena and you will throw him back into the area.
    4. Yet again, Sliske will regenerate to 100k health and you must attack him until he reaches 10k. The bright side is that this time he will not be able to teleport away. Anticipating his move, you will be able to stop his escape.

    Sliske's Endgame - RuneScape Guide (17)
  15. You will now have reached the final check point! You will activate your World Guardian powers; given unlimited health, unlimited full adrenaline (or full special bar in Legacy), and a reduced cooldown rate on all abilities. Despite the fact that Sliske was able to regenerate to 100k health one last time, you can and will still severely kick his butt.

    Sliske's Endgame - RuneScape Guide (18)

  16. Continue fighting until you reach the cut scene, at which point you will kill Sliske using the Staff of Armadyl, but not before being seriously injured yourself. You will pass out from this wound and soon wake up.

    Sliske's Endgame - RuneScape Guide (19)

  17. In the presence of Jas with you and Seren, Zaros will attempt to claim what he considers his birthright from Mah, her rank among the elder gods. Jas will refuse him as he cannot make life from nothing as Mah could. Zaros and Seren will then leave and Jas will question you as to why Sliske was killed and then why Gielinor should be spared. Before kicking you out, you will be permitted to ask one question. It is your choice what to ask.

    Sliske's Endgame - RuneScape Guide (20)

  18. You will be forced to leave Jas and return to just outside the Heart of Gielinor. Here, Linza will apologize and say what she plans to do with Sliske now gone. You will talk briefly with Armadyl and Seren and then to Death and/or Icthlarin. Whither you choose to tell them about the truth of how you are doing or not, you will ultimately be unable to bring yourself to say the words. While most are celebrating Sliske's defeat you are reminded that Relomia will still need to be informed.

    Sliske's Endgame - RuneScape Guide (21)

  19. Travel to Draynor Village and visit her in her normal location, North of the bank and the Wise old man's home. You will have the choice to tell her gently, cruelly, or nonchalantly; the way you tell her will affect her response. Regardless of which option you choose, you will momentarily black out and hear Sliske's laughter. When the image returns, her demeanor will change completely and she will happily give you a reward for your participation.

    Sliske's Endgame - RuneScape Guide (22)

  20. Congratulations! You have finished the quest.

    Sliske's Endgame - RuneScape Guide (23)


Now that you have finished the initial play-though of Sliske's Endgame, you have the unusual ability to replay the quest. If you've ever wondered how you would have fared in the maze by claiming a different allegiance or choosing another action, now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity. Simply speak to Relomia about Sliske's Endgame and choose to replay it.

Be aware that replaying the quest will not affect your cannon adventure unless you choose to let it. You are allowed only 1 (one) play-through that will replace your initial quest choices. Once you have "claimed" your new cannon it is unable to be changed again!

Since this quest can be replayed, it is only fair for you to receive a reward, is it not? For every replay of the quest you will not receive the same prizes as the initial play-through. Instead, you will have the option to receive the Agent of the Eldest cosmetic outfit as well as a Medium prismatic lamp. To obtain the outfit, you will need to complete a play-through without skipping any interactions or boss fights.

During the non-cannon play-throughs, it is possible to change past quest related events. These events include:

  • Choosing to give Saradomin the Wand of Resurrection in The Death of Chivalry or not.
  • Using a dark or light simulacrum on Zaros in Fate of the Gods.
  • Choosing to help Zamorak, Sliske, or neither in Dishonour among Thieves.
  • Sacrificing Eluned in The Light Within.
  • Choosing to use the dark shard to restore Seren fully or not in The Light Within.
  • Whom kills Gielinor during Nomad's Elegy - Death or Icthlarin.
  • Which God you swore allegiance to during the Battle of Lumbridge.
  • Which God you swore allegiance to during the Bird and the Beast.

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Sliske's Endgame - RuneScape Guide (2024)


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